Hello everyone. We wanted to give you an update on Lester.

Lester came home with us on July 14th. He settled in immediately. As soon as he got out of his carrier, he made himself at home. He found his food (and tried a little bit from each of the bowls, just like Goldilocks). He found his litter boxes and then he found a place to settle down and take a rest. He chose the bed in Mia’s room. He jumped up onto the bed, curled up, and that was that. He was home.

Since then he has settled into his new life with ease. He was patient while his brother Harry and his sister Tabby hissed at him for the first week. He waited for his brother Leo to look at him (Leo chose to ignore him for the first few days.) Then the fourth day he was home, Leo jumped up on the bed and was surprised to find Lester there. Instead of turning around, Leo cautiously sniffed Lester. Lester gave Leo a lick on the face and that was it, they were friends. Earlier today I found Tabby and Lester curled up together. Now if only Harry would stop ignoring him …

Lester is the sweetest cat. He loves to be petted. He really loves to curl up with Aaron and his blankie every night. I think he knows it was Aaron’s idea to bring him home.

Lester is enjoying having the run of an entire house. At first he got upset whenever we had to leave the house but now he realizes that we always come back. I cannot understand why he wasn’t adopted sooner as he really is the perfect cat. It is also a testament to the love and care he received in the two and a half years he was in the shelter. I am sure he misses all of you but I think he is happy he has found his forever home.